The 1st Meeting of Executive Committee
ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications

The 1st Meeting of Executive Committee of
ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications
Bangkok, Thailand
22nd March 2018


Item 1: Introduction
1. The First Meeting of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) of ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications (ARTSA) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 22nd March 2018. The Meeting was attended by nominated Executive Committee members from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam as well as a representative from the ASEAN Secretariat. The list of participants appears as ANNEX 1.
2. The EXCOM Chairperson, Dr. Damrongrit Niammuad, welcomed the Executive Committee members to the Meeting.
3. Chairperson gave some background on the history of ARTSA and its relation with the EXCOM, as well as the objectives of the 1st Meeting.
4. ARTSA EXCOM members and participants introduced themselves.

Item 2: Adoption of Agenda
5. The Meeting adopted the agenda as it appears in ANNEX 2.

Item 3: Election of Vice-Chairperson
6. The Meeting agreed to have a Vice Chairperson to be nominated and elected in SCOSA-29 in Singapore.
7. The Meeting suggested that the Vice Chairperson takes over as the next Chairperson after the term of the current Chairperson expires.
8. The Secretariat will inform SCOSA Member States of the agreement of the EXCOM of having a Vice Chairperson election and will ask Member States to make election in SCOSA-29.
9. The Meeting also discussed start of Chairmanship whether 26th October 2016, after it was officially established, or from March 2018, when the 1st EXCOM Meeting was convened. It was agreed that the 1st term of Chairman started from October 2016.
10. Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam proposed that Thailand continue to be the Chairman of ARTSA in 2nd Term (2020 – 2022). The issue will be discussed in SCOSA-29.

Item 4: ASEAN Network: Possible Synergy and Cooperation (by ASEAN Secretariat)
11. ASEAN secretariat shared to the Meeting the result of BAC Meeting, sources of funds, ASEAN-Dialogue partner instruments, how to propose projects, space related initiatives under COST’s purview, Networks and Centers under ASEAN COST (ARTSA is included), and ASEAN bodies under the 3 ASEAN pillars. Details appear in ANNEX 3.
12. Chairperson agreed that ARTSA should aim to become a center of excellence as indicated in ASEAN plan and will need support from the ASEAN secretariat.

Item 5: Report on ARTSA activities
13. ARTSA Coordination and Management team reported activities that had been done since the year 2016 after the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST) officially supported the establishment of ARTSA. Details of activities appear as ANNEX 4.
14. Philippines suggested that ARTSA collects information on the number of ASEAN participants in each activity for purposes of planning future activities that are relevant to Member States.

Item 6: Revision of ARTSA Constitution
15. Chairperson proposed to add the word “Space” in the objectives of ARTSA.
16. The Meeting approved to add the word “Space” in objectives of ARTSA and requested Thailand to inform the amendment of Constitution to SCOSA.

Item 7: Nomination of Scientific Committee
17. The Meeting discussed on the prospective Scientific Committee of ARTSA which was supposed to comprise of 2-3 persons from ASEAN and 2-3 persons from the countries outside ASEAN. The Meeting agreed that EXCOM member would nominate SCICOM (1 person per 1 country) via mechanism of each country.
18. ASEAN Secretariat suggested EXCOM to consider financial support of the Meetings of SCICOM, EXCOM, Secretariat, and Venue. ASEAN secretariat expressed her concern on the sustainability of ARTSA after 3 years.

Item 8: 2018 – 2020 Action Framework
19. Coordination and Management team presented the Framework for ARTSA in 2018-2020 as it appears in ANNEX 5.
20. Vietnam suggested that the fields of research and training of ARTSA should be based on Member States’ interest and capability.
21. Philippines recommended that after training, the knowledge and skills gained should be used in future research.
22. Malaysia suggested that ARTSA set Key Performance Indicators to achieve.
23. The Meeting agreed with the proposed Framework and suggested that it should consider Member States’ need. Also, the needs should be matched with capability.

Item 10: Other matters
24. No other matters were discussed.

Item 11: Closing session
25. The Chairperson thanked all EXCOM members and participants for their contributions to the Meeting and announced closing of the Meeting.

Participant List

The 1st Executive Committee (EXCOM) of ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications Meeting

No. Country Participant Organization Responsibility
1  Thailand Dr.Damrongrit Niammuad GISTDA Chairman
Acting Rector GISTDA Academy
2 Malaysia Mr. Azli Kamil Napiah Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Committee
Director General of MRSA
3 Myanmar Dr.Myint Myint Khaing Technological University (Pakokku) Committee
Pro-Rector (Acting)
4 Philippines Engr.Raul Sabularse Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) Committee
Deputy Executive Director
5 Vietnam Dr. Chu Hai Tung National Remote Sensing Department (NRSD)  Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE) Committee
Deputy Director General
6 ASEAN Secretariat Ms. CHEONG, Lee Sing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Department A Representative of ASEAN Secretariat
Assistant Director and Head of Science and Technology Division
7 Thailand Dr. Darasri Dowreang GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
GISTDA Consultant
8 Thailand Ms. Pranpriya  Wongsa GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Acting Director of Knowledge Development and Outreach Office
9 Thailand Dr. Tanita  Suepa GISTDA ARTSA Management Team and Secretariat
Chief of Instructional Media and Curriculum Development Division
10 Thailand Ms.Raksina Lekthanoo GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Acting Chief of International Relations Office
11 Thailand Mr. Dhadhdha Sthirviwongswyn GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
International Relations Officer
12 Thailand Mr. Jakrapong  Tawala GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Geo-infomatics and Outreach Scientist
13 Thailand Ms. Suriyaphon Saensuriwong GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Geo-infomatics and Outreach Scientist
14 Thailand Ms. Taweeporn  Boonsup GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Technical Administrative Officer
15 Thailand Mr. Sapsathit  Phansri GISTDA ARTSA Management Team
Administrative Officer