ARTSA Constitution


This center increases the capacity of personnel knowledge and research development in the region as well as establishes and expands the network of academic knowledge and research collaborations among ASEAN countries that will benefits to natural resources, environmental management, and emergency response of the region.

The operational concept of the center is to increase ASEAN personnel capacity on the area of space technology and geo-informatics applications and raise awareness for all levels as well as strengthen the network of academic knowledge and research collaboration through conventional classroom training, on the job training, research projects and academic network.

Therefore, The 77th Meeting of Committee on Science and Technology (COSTI-77), organized at Singapore on 9-10 October 2019, supported and endorsed the ASEAN Research and Training Centre for Space Technology and Applications (ARTSA) as ASEAN COSTI Centre proposed by  ASEAN Sub-committee on Space Technology and Applications (SCOSA-30) and Geo-informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) under Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Thailand.


  • To provide services in education and training, knowledge sharing and enhancement, and awareness raising in Geo-informatics;
  • To conduct research applications and innovations, and collaborations in areas related to Geo-Informatics for ASEAN Member States and worldwide.


  1. Establish extensive networking of space technology and application in ASEAN
  2. Use Geo-Informatics to respond to current regional situation, problems and disasters
  3. Enhance the country development and strengthen the cooperation among ASEAN countries for regional competitiveness and prosperity


ASEAN government agencies, private organizations, academic institutes, universities, schools and other relevant organizations.

ARTSA Constitution