ASEAN multi-country workshop on Space Applications
September 18-19, 2018 at the Grande Centre Point Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


The European Commission, through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument – Partnership Instrument (TAIEX-PI) cooperated with the ASEAN Secretariat, Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency of Thailand (GISTDA) and ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications (ARTSA)  are  jointly organizing ASEAN multi-country workshop on Space Applications for the ASEAN countries , focusing on the Copernicus and Galileo EU Space initiatives. It took place in Bangkok on 18-19 September 2018.

The aim of this workshop is to promote European initiatives on Space applications to officials from ASEAN countries, and to provide information about opportunities for stakeholders in Asia to use Copernicus and Galileo for their own needs. In addition, the workshop will allow to identify opportunities for cooperation with European stakeholders from academia, government and industry.

This workshop funded by the EU Partnership Instrument (PI)

Opening Ceremony

Pathom Sawanpanyalert – Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand HE Francisco Fontan – EU Ambassador to ASEAN/ EU Delegation Jakarta

Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee -Deputy Secretaries-General of ASEAN

Space Strategy – Space Applications

Philippe Brunet, Director of Space Policy, Copernicus and Defence, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), European Commission

The EU Earth Observation Programme : Copernicus

Dr.Astrid – Christina Koch, International Relations – Copernicus Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs [Download]

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1. ASEAN SCOSA Subcommittee on Space Technology and Applications

ASEAN SCOSA Subcommittee on Space Technology and Applications, Dr. Kwoh Leong Keong, SCOSA Chairman


2. European Flagship Programmes

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3. European actors in space and its applications

European Commission/
Copernicus Governance
Netherlands Space Office German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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Estonia and space applications Italian Space Agency CNES Space Applications Development International Cooperation
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4. Using Copernicus

COPERNICUS data access mechanisms Emergency Management Marine monitoring
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Maritime domain awareness Maritime domain awareness
Maritime domain awareness
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5. Business perspective

Using Copernicus for value-added services
Meeting the geospatial needs of users in the ASEAN region – EU companies’ examples: 
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6. Opportunities for researchers

Horizon 2020 – Space (Space science, Galileo, Copernicus)
EU Member States’ research programmes and cooperation opportunities
ASI/Italy CNES/France DLR/Germany NSO/The Netherlands
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7. Using Galileo

EU – South-East Asia links in the field of GNSS The NAVIS centre; EU-South East Asia collaboration
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8. Using Copernicus 

Land Monitoring
European Commission NSO/The Netherlands Estonia
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ReCaREDD Project

9. Space applications uses in ASEAN Countries

Thailand (GISTDA) Thailand (NSTDA) Indonesia (LAPAN)
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Vietnam (VAST) Vietnam ((Ministry of Transport)
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10. Business perspective – Downstream satellite navigation business opportunities – EU companies’ examples

NSL Space Earth Technology
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