Drough is a subtle and insidious natural hazzard that is considered as the most complex but the least understood. Through an improveed understanding of the characteristics of drough, capacity building activities on ASEAN region, on earth observation (EO) and and geo-informatics (GI) technology are needed to develop innovations for reducing future vulnerability of drought situation. GISTDA and ARTSA, by collaborating with ASEAN countries, initiates this project for delivering EO & GI values to monitor drought conditions and apply for preparedness and mitigation to support regional sustainability including empowerment of womenresearchers, for promoting gender equality, to play a significant role on science community and development in the ASEAN region.



1.To exchange knowledge and capability of women researchers in ASEAN for space technology and geo-informatics applications

2.To integrate knowledge and experiences between sophisticated experts and next generation women researchers for drought management in each context of ASEAN counties

3.To extend networks for generating opportunities towards next generation women researchers to participate in the pilot collaborative projects



1.Promote women's empowerment based on science, technology and innovation for regional development

2.Develop best practices towards communities in the region sustainably