The 13th Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO) Symposium
March 3-5, 2021 via Virtual online conference (Zoom Webinar)

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) and ASEAN Research and Training Center for Space Technology and Applications (ARTSA) attended “the 13th Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO) Symposium” between 3rd and 5th March 2021 via Virtual online conference (Zoom Webinar). On the event, Mr. Tatiya Chuentragun, Deputy Director of GISTDA as a representative of Thailand, presented the country report on the topic of “Earth Observations (EOs) from space for well-being of the Nation” divided into 3 main points as follows;

      • Space based economic crops monitoring with GISAgro4.0
      • Air pollution (PM2.5/10) assessment by integrated satellite data and related information as a precaution against respiratory illness
      • Assessing and Monitoring COVID-19 pandemic situation by space technology and spatial data via COVID – 19 iMap platform

In order to meet achieved goals of Sustainable Development (SDGs), Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, the symposium, AOGEO, purposed to leverage human well-being in the Asia-Oceania region by applying Earth Observations to response COVID-19 pandemic impacts.

Previously, GISTDA and ARTSA had also attended TG 5: The Task Group meeting for Asian Rice Crop Estimation and monitoring (Asia-RiCE) on 24th February 2021 via WebEx meeting. Dr. Tanita Suepa, as Chief of Curriculum and Instructional Media Development Division of GISTDA, had presented “Rice Crop Monitoring using Earth Observation Satellite for Thailand and Pathway to ASEAN Countries”. The objectives of this group are developing and knowledge sharing for crop yield forecast and damage assessment by applying satellite and ground observed data including the extending network cooperation in the future.